Why Americans 50+ Are Getting FREE Dash Cams - The Ultimate Tool To Save Thousands Of Dollars (And How To Get One)

by  James Taillon
October 1, 2023
1:25 am EST

There is no secret that crime rates in America are sky rocketing. But crime experts recently reported a massive surge in car accident and insurance scams targeted against those 50+.

Experts urge everyone 50+ to get a Dash Cam, before they become one of the many expected victims of this crime going rabid in America.

Experts claim this new scam may cause millions in total losses to innocent victims if they aren't protected with a dash cam.

To help instantly protect seniors (for free) the seniors drivers safety program is giving away free dash cams (for a very limited time).

This is in effort to eliminate this crime from American streets. Experts claim, those who don't have one are putting themselves at extreme risk and there is zero reason not to own one a dash cam in 2023 and beyond.

Why Is This Scam Growing So Much?

This form of scam is very easy for criminals to get away with and make thousands of dollars from innocent people who simply just do not have a dash cam to prove their innocence.

In 2023 it's said that only 9% of American's own a dash cam, making over 90% of Americans a target.

But less than 1% of Americans 50+ have a dash cam making older Americans an easy target for these criminals to make a quick buck (and hurt the pockets of the innocent).

With more and more fraudsters catching on, it's essential for everyone to get a dash cam in their car before it's too late.

How To Get One For Free (If You Qualify)

To get your free dash cam from the Seniors Drivers Safety Program - simply click check availability and if there are any free units available you will be directed to your special page to get your own dash cam at zero cost.

Don't just take my word for it. Here are some testimonials from happy dash cam owners:

This free dash cam literally saved me from a potential financial disaster. I was almost a victim of a car accident scam, but thanks to this device, I had solid evidence to prove my innocence. It's a must-have for any driver!
Sarah Kelfer, 65, Office Manager
Verified Buyer
I can't believe this dash cam was free! It captured a staged accident attempt, potentially saving me thousands. The video quality is superb, and it's so easy to install. I feel more secure on the road knowing it's there.
Marcy Hen, 71, Retired
Verified Buyer
I'd have fallen victim to a scam if not for this dash cam. The video quality is excellent, and it caught every detail of the incident. Easy setup, and the fact that it's free is mind-blowing. A true lifesaver!
Kevin Chen, 68, Travel Blogger
Verified Buyer
This dash cam is a must-have! It shielded me from a scam that could have drained my savings. The video evidence left the scammers speechless, and I left the situation unscathed. I'm forever grateful for this invaluable gadget!
Rachel Brown, 58, Stay-at-Home Mom
Verified Buyer
Now for the exciting part -
For an extremely limited time any American 50+ can claim their FREE dash cam. That's a significant saving from the regular price of $149.99.
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NOTE: The Senior Drivers Safety program has less than 200 dash cams left to give away for free, so act fast.
Get Your Free Dash Cam For A Very Limited Time (Must Be 50+)
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